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The Four Beggards

Once upon a time there were four rascals with predestined names. They called themselves Sans-Souci, Sans-le-Sou, Clean-to-Nothing, and Hungry. They lived according to their desires sleeping most of the time and only awakening to obtain by begging the little that was necessary for them to survive. Eating little, not washing, they were not beautiful to see and inspired no confidence to whom had the misfortune to cross them.

Now one day a storm of unheard-of violence broke out and a poor stranger lost their asylum seeking until the sky had poured out his anger. Good things all the same, they let the stranger enter their miserable hut. At the end of the deluge, the stranger leaves them, not without promising them to send them a box where they would find something to plant in the ground and to heal with all their heart.

When the boxes arrive, they obey and plant what they find there: vine and fig plants, kernels of almonds and hazelnuts. The land is uncultivated but the trees grow there and the four bad subjects even learn to dry the fruit and sell it to make a winter dessert.

Sans-Souci, Sans-le-Sou, Clean-to-Nothing, and Hunger-earner are earning more and more money and working more and more but not forgetting who they are and always remembering the time spent they decide to call their merchandise: The four beggars.

Even today, you can taste this dessert composed of the four kinds of dried fruit that are figs, hazelnuts, grapes and almonds. It is also said, and perhaps it is true, that this name refers to the four mendicant orders: the raisins for the Dominicans, the dried figs for the Franciscans, the hazelnuts for the Augustinians and the almonds for the Carmelites.

Below is a chocolate infused Four Beggards. I'm surely begging for more.

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