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Easter Bunny Chocolate

First, a lot of the chocolate is melted under hot water. It is at this point that you unscrew the cooking thermometer and that we raise the temperature of the chocolate to 110° F.

Then let the temperature of the water be lowered ... But beware, it is strictly forbidden (by law!) to add water in the chocolate to cool it down. Finally it's forbidden by the law of chocolate per se.

So chocolate is added to the pan to lower the temperature to 90 ° F. We redo it up to 80° F ... Stop! The temperature is maintained at 86°F. We can now work the chocolate as we wish ... 1st Mission accomplished!

Once the chocolate is tempered, it's time to take care of the mold. With the help of a brush, it is painted very very lightly while singing Mama Mia! I mean it.Once you have removed the excess oil, you can start spreading a first layer of chocolate with a brush. You have to make sure to spread the chocolate evenly. Then we put everything in the fridge so that the chocolate hardens. It is the resting period.

It is then left for a second painting session and then placed again in the refrigerator. We can, according to his desires, give the Easter bunny a third layer by repeating the previous steps. Ask him first, it is the law.

Pretty please!

Now that the casting is ready, it's time to take the Easter bunny out of its shell, you know what I mean. To unmold, we scratch the edges of the molds (the contours of the rabbit) with a knife, we tap lightly on the mold and turn it around de-li-ca-te-ly. Once laid down, we can brreeethe ... And that's it! Well almost! It was the half-bunny Easter! Once you have both sides of the rabbit, you can fill it with small eggs or anything you wish.

The song is still playing right?

To close the Easter bunny, simply put some tempered chocolate on all edges and close it with a ribbon, to keep the two parts together.

And now, with this Easter bunny you will be able to impress your family, your friends, and your children by telling them ... I did it!

Voila. It is dancing time. Go chase the Bunny!!!!

Happy Easter. He is Risen. He is Risen indeed.

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